Breathitt County three-year-old looking for a kidney transplant

WYMT Weekend Edition News at 11 p.m.
Published: Feb. 5, 2023 at 4:54 PM EST
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LOST CREEK, Ky. (WYMT) - Annista Peck is three years old.

The trials she has gone through so far, however, could fill the lifespan of an adult.

“Where it was an emergency caesarean and everything, she ended up going without oxygen for too long. So, it caused brain bleeds, and a lot of different things, and her kidneys took the hardest hit,” Annista’s grandmother Anna Jones said.

Annista has taken treatment for kidney failure throughout her life.

She went through dialysis treatment once, which her body rejected and forced her to be hospitalized. Now the three-year-old will have to try it again.

“We’ve kinda played around as long as we could play around, and it’s time to do it. We have to do it now,” Anna Jones said.

Annista’s doctor is three hours away in Cincinnati, and she has grown tired of the trips.

“The car rides and things are getting really bad. She don’t wanna ride because it’s so long, such a trip,” Anna Jones said.

Her blood type is A-, but any type can work for a kidney transplant.

“Any donor, because they will cross match and swap donors. So, as long as they have two to cover two, they will do that,” Anna Jones said.

Doctors have not specified a life expectancy for Annista, but her recent trouble with the dialysis gives her family fear.

“They’ve not given us a life expectancy or anything like that. Just, keeping an eye on everything,” Jones said.

You can register to donate a kidney for Annista here.