‘Life has not moved since the flood.’ Knott Co. couple describes still being trapped at their home

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Published: Dec. 11, 2022 at 4:09 PM EST
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PIPPA PASSES, Ky. (WYMT) - More than four months have passed since the bridge connecting Ian and Kasie Hall’s home to the highway was intact.

Since the devastating day it collapsed, they have lived on an island.

“We live in these four walls day after day. We wake up here. We spend our entire day here. We fall asleep here. I work from home now,” Kasie Hall, who teaches online for the Hindman Settlement School, said.

They applied for aid from FEMA, but were denied.

Knott County officials told them contractors could soon be out to repair the bridge if FEMA were to approve the project, but that was more than a month ago.

Their only way out is a walk through their neighbor’s yard.

“So we have two vehicles. We both have a car, but unfortunately both of those vehicles have been stuck on the wrong side of the bridge since it collapsed,” Ian Hall said.

Ian Hall’s mother has brought them groceries, but he has missed crucial doctor’s appointments.

“I had an appointment, pretty important cancer screening, scheduled for about a week after the flood. So, that had to be changed, and that’s been changed indefinitely. We’ve not had a chance to reschedule that,” he said.

They do not have the space or money to move out, and their house is already a sentimental property.

“To leave it just seems like a loss. Another loss,” Kasie Hall said.

The couple said getting stuck at their home for the last four months has caused a lot of stress and anxiety as they are still unsure when they can get out on their own again.