EKY families receive free Thanksgiving dinner staples donated by various organizations

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Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 3:41 PM EST
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HAZEL GREEN, Ky. (WYMT) - Every family at Red River Valley Elementary School received a box full of Thanksgiving dinner staples on Friday.

All of the food was provided by the Hazel Green Food Project, God’s Pantry and Save the Children.

President of the Hazel Green Food Project, Nicky Stacy, said increasing prices has made it hard for these families to have Thanksgiving dinner.

“These little kids get left out and some of them are really struggling right now with not having a Thanksgiving dinner. So, we decided that this is the school that we would help,” she said.

One mom at the school said it has taken a huge burden off of their family this year.

“It is so helpful. Things are so expensive, and it is such a big help,” said Jessica Green. “It is, we have three kids and two adults in our house.”

The boxes were full of side items, dinner rolls and a pie. They also received a large turkey for the family to cook on Thanksgiving.

“Times are hard right now for these families and the prices of groceries and prices of turkeys,” said Stacy. “I mean it’s really hard on these families and when we let everybody know and the school let everybody know we were providing them with this. Like it was just like a burden was lifted off of these families and they would just thank us and just cry and tell us how much it meant to them.”

The school principal said it means so much to know the kids will have a good dinner on Thanksgiving.