Williamson road sees improvements but locals hope for more

Significant repairs made to road
Published: Oct. 23, 2022 at 6:38 PM EDT
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WILLIAMSON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Near the end of September, we told you about Vinson Street in Williamson, West Virginia, which had holes so big, some who live in the area said they didn’t even feel safe driving on the road.

Since then, the Division of Highways went out and made some major repairs to the delight of locals like Steven Wilson.

“The state has come in and at least patched the areas where we had breaks in the pavement previously,” he said. “The city seems to be doing its part as well.”

While Wilson is happy they’ve completed some of the work, he’s hoping for more.

“The road is still less than favorable to the residents of Vinson Street, and I’m hoping at some point that they’ll consider paving the entire road,” he said.

Williamson Mayor Charles Hatfield said there have been multiple conversations with the DOH to get more work done.

“We’re gonna try to take care of Vincent Street,” he said. “Not just here or there where there’s a problem but from the beginning of it to the end of it. The whole one-mile stretch.”

Hatfield said the work that’s been done so far is more of a temporary fix.

His hope is that crews will be working on something more permanent no later than spring.

“We’ve already had two meetings with Region 2 and the engineers and really that’s the only people you need to bring together,” he said.

There is one section of the road with a big hole that hasn’t yet been repaired.

A DOH spokesperson released the following statement Monday:

“I spoke with our District 2 Maintenance Engineer; our Mingo County crews have repaired other sections of the road.  The City of Williamson is working on a repair at that spot; they could provide further information.”