Two Kentucky constitutional amendments on the ballot

Two Kentucky constitutional amendments on the ballot
Published: Oct. 11, 2022 at 6:38 PM EDT
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WSAZ) -The Kentucky midterm election is less than a month away.

There are two amendments on the ballot in Kentucky: the much-publicized Amendment 2, which would impact the future of abortion rights in the state, and the lesser-known Amendment 1, which would allow the Legislature to call itself into special session.

Yes for Life is leading the campaign in support of Amendment 2. Addia Wuchner, Chair of the Yes for Life and Executive Director of Right for Life argues this would protect taxpayer dollars and allows lawmakers to create laws that reflect the values of Kentucky people regarding abortion care and access.

“Elections have consequences. If we don’t like how our lawmakers are serving our community, that is why we vote every two years on the House and four years on the Senate,” Wuchner said.

Protect Kentucky Access is leading the campaign in opposition to Amendment 2.

Tamarra Wieder, Kentucky state director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Indiana and Kentucky, believes health care is a human right. It takes away from an individual’s right to make decisions best for their family.

“We all know and love someone who has had an abortion or a complicated pregnancy. We should not allow mandates from legislators, a majority of them are not medical providers, to be coming into examination rooms and telling our doctors what they can and can not do,” Wieder said.

The general election will be Nov. 8.

Tuesday, Oct. 11, is the deadline to register to vote.