Former Jacksboro police chief reveals reason for abrupt departure of almost entire force

Former Jacksboro police chief, Jeremy Goins, told The Volunteer Times he quit over a conflict with the mayor.
Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 12:09 AM EDT|Updated: Oct. 6, 2022 at 12:11 AM EDT
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JACKSBORO, Tenn. (WVLT) - Former Jacksboro police chief, Jeremy Goins, said he and two others on the force resigned because Mayor Shayne Green interfered and overstepped in the police department, according to a report by The Volunteer Times.

In the past week, Goins and two other officers quit, leaving one officer in the department. The remaining officer, Franklin Ayers, was promoted to acting assistant chief, according to city hall officials.

“It’s been an issue for a while with the mayor and his involvement in multiple divisions of this city, police, fire and all that, overstepping in some cases, threatening in other cases,” Goins told The Volunteer Times. “I’ve dedicated my whole adult life to this profession and to walk away from my dream job killed me.”

Goins said Green showed up to the scene of an investigation on Saturday. The officer was performing field sobriety tests on a group of people and Green wanted the officer to arrest them, even though they all passed the test. The officer refused and quit on the spot, Goins told the times.

Green also hired a new assistant chief without approval from Jacksboro’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Goins told the times. When Goins found out on Monday, he and the officer standing next to him both quit.

““I resigned standing there,” Goins told the times. “‘The officer (standing) behind me resigned. There’s no police department now.”

Agencies from the county and the state agreed to assist and respond to call in Jacksboro until the officers were replaced.

Green was elected mayor last year, according to the times.

In 2004, Green was accused of threatening, and torturing a man who violated his probation, according to court documents obtained by WVLT News.

Green was a reserve deputy for the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office at the time and was part of a group of law enforcement agents serving an arrest warrant to Lester Eugene Siler.

When the group arrived, they handcuffed Siler, made him sit in a chair, and then ordered his wife and son to leave the house, according to court documents. They demanded Siler sign a document giving them the right to search his house and when he refused, they started to threaten him with physical harm, according to the documents.

“Defendant SHAYNE GREEN and another conspirator known to the United States attached wires from a battery charger to Lester Eugene Siler and threatened to electrocute him.”

Court Documents

Representation for the U.S. District Court’s Eastern District office claimed Green did not intervene while he watched one of the men hit Siler before Green himself tried to force Siler’s head into a fish tank, according to the documents.

Green was also accused of threatening to shoot Siler with a gun, all to get him to sign the document that would allow them to search his house, and for lying about what happened.

“On or about July 19,2004, defendant SHAYNE GREEN lied to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation by denying the use of threats or unreasonable force against Lester Eugen Siler in order to cover up what had happened,” court documents state.

Green was charged with and plead guilty to conspiracy to violate civil rights under the law. He was sentenced to 54 months in prison and supervised release for two years.

Green also had to pay restitution to Siler in the amount of $2,500, according to the judgement issued by the courts.

WVLT News reached out to Goins several times but did not hear back. Green told WVLT News that all questions had to be directed to Town Attorney Steve Hurst.