Lost Creek flood survivor struggles after losing homes

WYMT Weekend Edition News at 11 p.m.
Published: Oct. 2, 2022 at 4:21 PM EDT
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LOST CREEK, Ky. (WYMT) - Flood damage still scars creek banks running down Highway 476 in Lost Creek.

The destruction is a constant reminder of tragedy to survivors.

“I’ve definitely walked through the houses, just the gutted out houses, I can’t even imagine what they look like anymore,” flood survivor Parker Miller said.

Miller’s family has lived in Lost Creek for decades, and now everything is destroyed.

He lives with his great grandmother in a camper they purchased the day after flooding hit, calling that his last hope.

“She’s probably the only living, the only piece that I really care about. She’s taken care of me my entire life,” he said.

Miller also collected war memorabilia that once filled his bedroom, and is now depleted to just a few items.

“I’ve got everything from, I used to have everything from helmets, to old medical gear, this box is actually full of stuff,” he said.

Now even though the family has lost almost everything, they were denied by FEMA and have struggled getting assistance.

“I’m surprised you can’t just go in there with the clothes on your back and get assistance. Most of the stuff we owned is gone, our documents, our paperwork, our birth certificates, my high school diploma is gone,” he said.

Miller and his grandmother are hoping to find permanent housing and get the chance to start over.