Floyd County family rescued during flood nearing return to their home and small business

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Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 9:37 PM EDT
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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Two months ago, many communities throughout Eastern Kentucky were rocked by severe flooding. The Garrett community in Floyd County was among the many that were affected.

Many families throughout the region were not expecting flooding of this severity and were trapped in their homes by the waters.

“By 8:30 the water was in our front yard, by 11:00 the water was coming up our steps, at 11:30 we got rescued with a boat coming to our yard, picked us up, and took us out of here,” said Onas Hanekamp, a Garrett native who’s family was rescued during the floods.

Onas Hanekamp, his wife, Deedra, and two of his daughters were trapped in their home but made it out alive with the help of nearby swift water rescue teams.

“The water just kept coming,” said Deedra Hanekamp. “At one point I started praying out loud and I said, Lord, if we’re going to die, let us die quickly together, and if we’re going to be safe, let us be saved quickly together, and please, please, let other people be okay.”

Now, two months after their rescue, the Hanekamps are rebuilding and plan to return to their home soon.

“We’ll be back in here by Thanksgiving. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise... again,” said Onas and Deedra Hanekamp with a chuckle.

Despite the damage, the family’s small business, Hanekamp Manor Bikes & Books, is also still open for same-day repairs.

“If you message us on Facebook and you want your bike fixed tomorrow, message me, I’ll come down here, I’ll set up a time, you wait for me, repairs are while you wait, bring it in, I’ll fix you, I’ll take care of you,” said Onas Hanekamp.

Onas and Deedra Hanekamp added that, without the bravery and sacrifice of first responders and rescue teams, the loss of life could have been much worse, and they are forever grateful to the teams that saved their lives.