‘We are a resilient family’: Three injured in Pike County home explosion

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Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 10:34 AM EDT
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DORTON, Ky. (WYMT) - Three people were injured Monday morning after an explosion leveled a home in the Dorton community of Pike County.

US 23 was temporarily shut down, used as a landing zone to lift people out of the area, as two people were flown from the scene and one person was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Neighbors say the explosion was felt throughout the surrounding area, which is how men from one of the close by homes were able to rush in and pull the family from the home.

Dwaine Wright, whose mother, uncle, and aunts were in the home at the time of the explosion, said the house has been in the family for generations and held more memories than he could ever count. He said the news of the explosion- which came in the form of a call form a neighbor and firend- was a shock.

“I’m scared. Worried. Afraid one of them is dead,” said Wright. “He said, you know, they’re all alive right now but we don’t know about your uncle. Your mom is burnt pretty bad.

His mother and uncle were flown out, while one of his aunts was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. He said he was able to talk with his mother before she left the site.

Wright said the other aunt kept fainting and was also taken to the hospital. Now, he just hopes to see them all make a return- even if they no longer have a place to call home.

“My mom was raised here; all the family was raised here. We’ve lost a lot of memories here,” he said. “Well, we are a resilient family. This whole holler’s that way. We all pull together.”

Officials say that “togetherness” was apparent in the lifesaving, fast actions of neighbors.

“Thank God for folks like, that react quickly. They just they go in and help people in this situation,” said Jackson. “When you look at it- what’s left of the home- and know that they were alive when they left here? That’s a miracle in itself.”

Crews on site included Pike County Emergency Management, Dorton Fire Department, Shelby Creek Rescue Squad, Shelby Valley Fire Department, AEP, several gas companies, Pike County Sheriff’s Office, and Kentucky State Police.

Though the cause of the explosion is still under investigation, neighbors say there have been issues with natural gas smells in the area for some time. The Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating, along with Kentucky State Police, to pinpoint the exact cause of Monday’s explosion.

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