Health experts go ‘off road’ to deliver supplies to flood-impacted areas

Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 6:50 PM EDT
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WHITESBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Doctors and nurses from ARH left the Whitesburg location on Friday to head out into the community on ATVs to help in anyway they could.

Outside in the community is where doctor Scott Harrison and other ARH employees said they needed to be, and Friday that was exactly where they were.

“Total devastation,” is what Harrison said they saw as they drove through some of the hardest hit communities stopping at as many houses as they could.

They offered tetanus shots, hepatitis A shots and any other medical help needed.

They also listened to many stories along the way.

“We had no time to save anything, so we go upstairs and we stayed there for hours, fourteen hours, trying to get calls out,” said Gina Tyree, a local who lost everything.

“We’re just trying to make somebody’s life a little easier, so overall it’s been heartbreaking and rejoicing at the same time,” said Harrison. “Happy to be alive but the same time look around and there is nothing left.”

Doctors and nurses worked together to give vaccines, deliver supplies and share hope.

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