‘Her legacy will never die’: Magoffin County mourns loss of beloved bus driver

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Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 7:30 PM EDT
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MAGOFFIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Brenda Prater, 60, of Salyersville died on Sunday, June 19 after a long battle with cancer, leaving behind a host of family and friends. For more than 30 years, Prater dedicated her life to the Magoffin County School District as a bus driver.

“She was friendly, positive, and dedicated,” said Magoffin County Schools Superintendent Chris Meadows. “She began working in the school system in 1990 and spent many years transporting students.”

Over her three-decade career, Prater built meaningful relationships and made lasting impressions on kids throughout her community.

“She’d tell them, ‘I’m your mama until I get you back home,’” said Rosa Guffey, who was a bus monitor on Prater’s bus. “She always told them to have a good day and when they get on the bus, she would ask them ‘how was your day?’ She’d sit and listen, some of them would talk to her and she, you know, she always listened.”

Meadows also said the faculty and staff of Magoffin County Schools will miss her dearly, as will the students she drove daily.

“You would miss a warm, friendly person that’s transporting you every day,” said Meadows. “That’s no different than going to a classroom and seeing the same teacher every day. She had a vital role in their lives, and I know that she’ll be missed by all of them.”

But folks say she will never be forgotten; the memories and her legacy will always live on.

“Brenda Prater’s legacy will never die,” said Guffey, “There’s nobody that can ever hold a light to Brenda.”

Meadows, who was the principal at a high school in the district before becoming superintendent, added that there was nothing that could get Prater down and she was always positive, happy, and upbeat.

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