Logan County Communities hit hard by storms

Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 1:43 AM EDT
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MAN, W.Va. (WSAZ) - What started as a beautiful day in Man, W.Va. quickly turned to dark clouds bringing high winds and leaving behind heavy storm damage and power outages.

Most of the power outages are back on in Man, but along Main St. damaged cars and torn off roofs can still be seen.

Georgianna Hurley walked out onto her porch Friday once the storms had cleared to see the damage done.

“The siding is completely off,” she said, describing the damage to her home. “I came out here to look and I was like oh no this is awful.”

The siding to her home had been ripped away, she says a lawn shed was laying on a truck across the street, nearby an old store had lost it’s roof and beside her, the top of her neighbor’s home had been blown off and laid in Hurley’s yard.

“As you can see the top of my roof blew down,” said Hurley. " I had water come under my door I have got big spots on my roof where it is leaking through.”

Down the road in the Becco area, Beverly Carter and her family waded out the storm and walked outside to trees spread across her yard.

“All of a sudden it just came down the trees just laid down and three of them ended up over here on my car,” said Carter.

Carter saw that the front of her car looked fine but when she looked closer, the back had been smashed by a huge tree.

“It’s not very pretty now,” said Carter. “I have never known a storm like this in the Man area.”

After seeing the trunk laid across her car, Carter said the tree could have hit her home.

“We are just blessed we really are it could have hit the house and we could have been killed so God is good,” said Carter.

Now these communities move to cleanup and damage assessments and all of the work that comes with it.

“I told them the insurance business is going to be really busy this month,” said Hurley.

A spokesperson with AEP said about 900 customers are still without power in Logan County, about 5 percent of the total number of customers in the county. According to the AEP website, it is estimated power will be restored to all customers in Logan County on Tuesday.

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