Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams talks primary election, recounts

Michael Adams addresses the status of Primary Elections
Published: Jun. 8, 2022 at 11:12 PM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams was in Bowling Green on Wednesday meeting with members of the Rotary Club.

“I’m really pleased that in our first statewide election with our new improved voting system, early voting, and other conveniences that we had a smooth transition into it,” said Adams.

Adams is reflecting on the recent primary election and also spoke on the format of voting.

“I think the voting center model is still one that should be a local decision. I don’t think that I should get to decide where the voting locations are, if a county wants their precincts open, that should be their business. If they want to have consolidated locations, that’s also good, depending on, on what the county is,” said Adams.

He also spoke out on recount requests.

“Look, I totally believe in recounts, but it ought to be if it’s a close race if you lose by a percentage point, and let’s go back and double-check. But if you lost by 30, or 40 points, like some of these people, then you shouldn’t get a recount,” Adams said.

The secretary also said that some are abusing the system.

“So misusing a recount, that’s granted to candidates who lost a close race misusing that authority to try to have a post-election inspection is not appropriate,” he said.

He also said that elections in Kentucky are as transparent as possible.

“There is a process for inspecting the voting equipment. By law, the state board of elections hosts a publicly available event where the machines are inspected,” he said.

When asked about any changes in the November election, he said to expect what happened in May.

“So the rules we’re going to have in November are the same rules that we had for the primary we’re going to have a requirement to qualify for an absentee ballot. There will also be three days of no-excuse early voting, that’d be the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Election Day and of course, there’ll be Election Day on November 8,” said Adams.

He also reassured Kentuckians that the election process is a joint effort from multiple parts.

“We’re transparent. We also are bipartisan. It’s not just me working across party lines with a governor, it’s also a bipartisan state board of elections by law, a bipartisan county board of elections by law, and every single precinct location in Kentucky has decent hours working together in good faith for a good election. So, we build this into our system at every stage,” said Adams.

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