Gas prices nearing $5 per gallon in some Eastern and Southern Kentucky counties

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Published: Jun. 7, 2022 at 9:52 AM EDT
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(WYMT) - Gas prices continue to increase across the nation and in our region.

GasBuddy reports the average gallon of gas in Kentucky is $4.75.

Gas prices are nearing $5 per gallon in some Eastern Kentucky counties.

Triple-A reports the average gallon of price of gas in Kentucky increased 6 cents from Monday.

“Crude oil prices continue to rise, we’ve seen those fluctuations, particularly this year once Russia invaded Ukraine,” said Lori Weaver Hawkins with Triple-A Bluegrass.

Not only is the war in Ukraine playing a factor in high prices, but also simple supply and demand. Weaver-Hawkins said demand dipped heading into the Memorial Day Weekend but said it quickly bounced back.

”Ever since we came out of the pandemic, the economy’s opening up,” she said. “Supply has really struggled to keep up so we’re continuing to see lower supply.”

Chris Hall is a Door Dasher, he put his v-8 sedan up for sale because gas prices were so high. He then bought a 4 cylinder SUV.

450 miles to a tank compared to 300 miles a tank,” he said. “12 miles a gallon versus nearly 30 more miles-per-gallon.”

He told WYMT he has saved nearly $50 a tank since driving the SUV.

”This week alone I’ve probably spent somewhere between 400 to 500 dollars.”

Hall said, like many people, he is budgeting for gas.

”You have people that are deciding whether to feed their kids or get gas, and that’s the sad part about it,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Pulaski County, most stations are selling gas for $4.79 per gallon, but some stations, such as the Shell station off of US-27 have edged past $4.80 per gallon.

Many drivers are having to answer tough questions, but admit there isn’t very much they can do to ease the pain at the pump.

“Get a job closer to the house?” said one driver. “Walk more? Get a horse and buggy?”

Tim Hackney spends almost $100 filling up a truck that isn’t even empty.

“I’m feeling the pain, brother,” Hackney said. “It hurts.”

Hackney travels between Cincinnati and Somerset weekly.

“I have a few cows, a small farm. And I come down once a week. $85 up and back. Before I do anything,” Hackney added.

AAA of the Bluegrass says both the national and statewide averages have jumped as much as 36 cents just this week.

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