Tips to remember to help prevent crashes

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Published: May. 17, 2022 at 5:41 PM EDT
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(WYMT) - Summer is around the corner, and as you prepare for potential road trips, it is important to remember what to look for to help prevent potential crashes.

“Definitely using their phone is the main cause, I feel like, of accidents in Laurel County,” said Autumn Mabe, Sales & Service Manager at Katee Loftis State Farm. “Especially young drivers using their cell phones.”

People with the Katee Loftis State Farm Agency said most of the crashes they deal with are caused by distracted drivers.

“One big thing is people eat and drive,” said Jacob Rouse, a member of the Business Department at Katee Loftis State Farm. “It’s just one of those things you’re driving and eating, but that is a huge distraction as well.”

Another notable contributing factor is speeding.

“All the time, we see accidents where people were going too fast and they missed a curve or whatever it may be, so we try to make sure that, especially new drivers are aware of, ‘hey, you have to slow down to make the right call, to make that turn,’” said Katee Loftis.

Gilbert Acciardo, Public Affairs Officer with the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office, said that, though you cannot prevent other drivers from being aggressive or intoxicated, you can buckle up to help protect yourself.

“There are instances where things are beyond your control and if you don’t have a seatbelt on and someone does something crazy, or they’re, heaven forbid under the influence,” said Acciardo. “Well, if you don’t have a seatbelt on, you’re gonna get seriously hurt or killed.”

Acciardo added that even though there are unforeseen events that can cause a crash, staying hypervigilant while you are behind the wheel can help any unfortunate driving situation you are faced with.

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