Letcher County group shares ‘God’s Love From a Diaper Bag’ amidst childcare supply concerns

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Published: May. 11, 2022 at 7:15 PM EDT
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WHITESBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - One mission group from the Jenkins community is hoping to help families in need as food, fuel, and family management costs continue to spike.

God’s Love From a Diaper Bag was founded more than 20 years ago, with a mission to help provide diapers, child supplies, and more to families in need. Now, with a nationwide formula shortage and the price of many needs increasing, the group hopes its services will help alleviate some of the concerns for parents and caregivers.

“Diapers are very expensive. And the money that they could (save) from diapers here- do the diaper ministry and get the diapers- then they could help pay on their rent or their electricity or do other things,” said Director Bessie McPeek. “A lot of people couldn’t work and they got behind, so this has helped tremendously.”

With diaper giveaways, like the one hosted at the Letcher County Health Department Wednesday, the group is working to reach out into the community and be part of that answer.

McPeek said the connection to community makes the outreach even better, allowing them to be the hands and feet in times of great need.

Health Department representatives agree, saying it is always nice to partner with groups that want to give back.

“And it’s just a great outreach for families. You know, for anyone, and they don’t have to, you know, necessarily be in need or low income it’s for anyone in the community or surrounding area,” said HANDS Supervisor Jessica Couch.

Couch also said she has seen the worry from parents as the formula shortage continues, and it is nice to know there are some things the parents will not have to worry about.

That shortage has also led to an increase in people looking for alternatives to baby formula. However, Couch urges against some of the things she has seen. One of those includes a homemade version.

“We definitely recommend them talking to their pediatrician first before they try anything that they may see on the Internet. Any type of Facebook post could be something that could be harmful for their baby. It’s important for the baby to get the correct amount of nutrition.”

She said contacting your local health department and pediatrician are the best ways to find out how to get a different formula that compares to the brand you can not find on the shelves.

But as parents and caregivers continue to look for options and answers, some say they are glad to know there are places like the department and “God’s Love From a Diaper Bag” helping them along the way.

“They need to have more programs around like this to help others out that struggle,” said William Blevins.

Weekday broadcast of WYMT Mountain News at 6

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