Sen. Rand Paul visits Alice Lloyd College

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Published: Apr. 12, 2022 at 6:12 PM EDT
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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Senator Rand Paul visited Alice Lloyd College on Tuesday, marking his first visit to the school.

“I’m hoping we draw some attention to Alice Lloyd College, and some other kids think, wow that’s somewhere I’d like to go to college.” He said.

The Senator spoke on a variety of topics during the roundtable event, focusing on financial independence. Students, faculty and local leaders were in attendance.

“You know the new reports that are out are pretty devastating. We’re up to 8 and a half percent inflation, that means unless your pay is going up 8.5 percent, you’re getting poorer everyday. Everybody’s seeing it, they’re going to the grocery store, they’re seeing it at the gas pump.” He said.

Paul also emphasized his feeling towards Russia’s war in Ukraine, saying we should not be financially burdened by helping them. He said, however, he is in favor of selling Ukraine more weaponry.

“I think we’ve actually done quite a bit. We’ve provided them with a lot of weaponry, I think without our weaponry they couldn’t have fought off the Russians.” He said. “It looks like they have fought to a standstill, my hope is that they will regain their independence.”

The senator also spent time saying coal will be an important industry in the future.

“We need all forms of energy, I told them here today, twenty years from now, we may have 600 million Americans, we’re going to need coal again. It doesn’t mean it will be the only form, but we will need coal.” Paul said.

Paul said Washington should be more open-minded towards coal.

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