Eastern Kentucky sportsman’s club hosts shooting event to raise money for scholarships

WYMT Weekend Edition News at 11 p.m.
Published: Mar. 13, 2022 at 5:43 PM EDT
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OWSLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Members of the Owsley County Sportsman’s Club held a “Lollipop Shoot” event Sunday to raise money for scholarships.

The event featured two separate classes, Custom and Stock.

Custom Class had unlimited rim-fires at 50 yards, center-fire at 100 yards and 200 yards and shooting from sandbags with no mechanical rests.

Stock Class is similar to Custom but the rifles must be stock.

This means no aftermarket actions, barrels, or stocks.

One of the event’s participants, Bill Gabbard, said the targets being shot at are very small.

“You get to shoot at some really small targets. With a stock rifle, we’re shooting at what’s called a “Blow Pop” or a “Charm Pop,” then we shoot at “Tootsie Pops,” and then “Dum Dums,” he said. “That’s the smallest target you’ll see with a factory rifle.”

The main goal for the club is to raise $2,000 for four separate scholarships.

President Gary Deaton said the “Lollipop Shoot” is one of many events they host to raise funds.

“This event will probably bring in, I think it costs 10 dollars to shoot,” he said. “So, if you’ve got ten shooters, that’s 100 dollars.”

Gabbard said he enjoys the event for its unique challenge.

“I love reloading, get your ammunition in and get your rifle shooting,” he said. “Sit down and break a “lollipop” at 200 yards. That’s pretty good.”

Gabbard said he is proud of where their money is going.

He added he is confident in the cause.

“Most of our club members, we believe that education is probably the best path out of poverty,” Gabbard said. “Eastern Kentucky, you know, we live in one of the poorer counties in the nation.”

Deaton said they want to continue a long tradition of competitive shooting.

He said the sport has been in his family for years.

“Many years ago, I’d come with my father and uncles, they shot,” Deaton said. “They shot trap mostly then and shot some long-range shooting here. I think over the years, the members really enjoy the activities we have.”

Deaton said one of their biggest fundraisers for scholarships is a banquet they host.

That event is coming up on May 7th.

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