From traveling to thermostats, emergency management crews across the Big Sandy highlight safety

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Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 6:11 PM EST
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BIG SANDY REGION, Ky. (WYMT) - From Pike County to Lawrence County, officials with emergency management are stressing the importance of home heat safety.

After scattered snowfall sprinkled the region Thursday, counties across the Big Sandy each looked a little different. Some having no accumulation, others sitting with inches of fresh snow. Officials said the thing they all have in common is the icy roadways and icy temperatures that hang around through the next few days.

The road safety tips remain the same: Stay home if possible, give yourself time to get where you’re going if travel is necessary, and give crews room to work when you encounter them. But emergency management directors say the home tips are just as important, as the cool weather makes things even more difficult.

“When these roads start melting off and then freezing back at night,” said Chris Cox, Lawrence County Emergency Management Director. “But the best thing we can ask him do is make sure they got plenty of fuel for their heat. If they’ve got generators, in case of power outages, make sure they got plenty of fuel.”

Some tips include: Avoid kerosene heat if possible, but allow ventilation if it is used. Make sure chimneys are clear if using a fireplace. Plug any electric space heaters into surge protectors to avoid power surges. Have enough gas and fuels on hand for generators. Keep central units at a steady temperature to avoid overworking the system. Keep heaters away from walls and anything flammable. Test the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors.

Officials said the counties have been through a lot of weather woes recently and they are proud of how they always pull through.

“We had probably two people that was without power that needed generators. Everybody else seemed to be well-prepared for it,” said Cox.

They recommended checking in on neighbors as the cold weather continues, and in Lawrence County three warming stations are open for anyone who can not get the warmth they need at home.

Blaine Church of God, Lawrence County Community Building, and the Fallsburg Community Center are all set up to lend some warmth this week.

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