Crews gearing up for Sunday snowstorm

Crews gearing up for Sunday snowstorm
Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 4:39 PM EST
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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio and BOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) -- Less than 48 hours from when snow will start falling, ODOT Crews are already out pretreating the roads.

“For our counties in southern Ohio, we’re looking at the storm coming in as snow to start, so without that rain kind of preceding, we are trying to take advantage of pretreating so that we can just have that head start when that snow starts to fall,” said Matt McGuire, ODOT District 9 public information officer.

In Kentucky, the Transportation Cabinet says they’re holding off on pretreating due to the possibility of a wet mix coming in before the snowfall.

“We’re getting all the trucks ready, getting all of our equipment ready, making sure the plow blades are in good shape, making sure the salt trucks are in good shape, making sure our chains and chainsaws and all the equipment we might need for whatever mother nature throws at us this weekend [is ready to go],” said KYTC information officer Allen Blair.

With last week’s snowstorm bringing a heavy snowfall, this coming storm could prove to be more complicated, as freezing rain and sleet are expected.

“Snow and ice, this is where our employees really thrive. We are at our peak staffing levels [and are] ready for this storm,” McGuire said. “We’ve got our 12-hour shifts set up, everybody’s gonna be coming in [by noon Sunday].”

Crews do want to remind you that with this much snow, you will inevitably be traveling on snow-covered highways. And even though it is a holiday weekend, both states have crews on stand-by and will be working in 12-hour shifts.

“Crews will fill their trucks with salt before they leave the garages [Friday] so that if something changes, those trucks are loaded and ready to go immediately,” McGuire said. “All we have to do is roll in, grab them, and go.”

Crews want to remind you to stay at home and avoid driving if at all possible, and want you to enjoy the snow from home.

However, if you do have to travel, crews ask that you drive according to the conditions at the time and give them plenty of space to work once the snow starts to fall.

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