Rep. Brett Guthrie discusses potential legislation impacting Americans, local bankers

Published: Nov. 25, 2021 at 4:54 PM EST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Representative Brett Guthrie (K-02-R) sat with WBKO News this week to discuss a number of topics including the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill he voted against, the divided Build Back Better Bill, paid family leave and a concern brought up by local bankers regarding new reporting of deposits over a certain threshold.

While the Infrastructure Bill that recently passed in Congres was considered bipartisan, Guthrie voted against it and says it still adds to the country’s debt.

“So what it still adds to the deficit. They claim that it is balanced, but there were some gimmicks and some kind of trickery and budgeting to say that it balanced. There are some good things in the bill. I mean, there are some good roads, bridges, highways, other things moving forward,” said Guthrie.

The Kentucky lawmaker says he also has concerns with the Build Back Better Bill which passed in the House but is expected to have pushback in the Senate.

“One-- it taxes energy. So people are already going to see -- they’re estimating a third increase in their heating bills this winter. If you have natural gas which most people in this community do, it’s going to be tax now. So it’s going to be taxed. If it passes the Senate, hopefully, Joe Manchin, who comes from energy-producing states not going to go along with that.”

Meanwhile, paid family leave has been a topic of discussion in the Build Back Better Bill, but Guthrie claims it’s broad and could impact the workforce negatively.

“Most businesses want to take care of people who have traumatic events in their business. The problem is, is that if you pay people not to work there, in not just in pay family, then so many other ways, there’s going to take people out of the workforce, the joint tax committee, which is his official, nonpartisan estimated committee estimates provisions like that others will take 2 million people more out of the workforce. And we need people to work. And to me, it’s not compassionate, to have people dependent on the government,” said Guthrie.

Guthrie said he has been meeting with local bankers regarding a new proposal by the Biden Administration. They’re wanting to require financial institutions to report deposits over a certain threshold for everything from $600 to $10,000. dollars. The hope is that people aren’t underreporting their taxes.

“If you make minimum wage and you have a direct deposit, again, it’s gonna have more than $10,000 in it over the course of the year-- So everyone has to report. The banker says, ‘we don’t want to be the IRS. These are our customers,’” said Guthrie.

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