Eastern Kentucky vet advises against feeding your pet Thanksgiving leftovers

Published: Nov. 25, 2021 at 5:06 PM EST
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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Another Thanksgiving has wrapped up and for many of people that means several leftovers.

However, our furry friends may be giving us those puppy dog eyes for a taste but one Eastern Kentucky vet advises against it.

Dr. Gene Smith with Appalachian Animal Hospital, said the human bond between pets is stronger than ever.

This leads to many pet owners wanting to include their animal companions during the holidays.

“We tend to think that it’s kind of unfair for us to sit and eat Thanksgiving dinner while they’re sitting there staring up at us and we’re not giving them anything,” Dr. Smith said. “In fact, most of the things that we eat can make them quite ill.”

Dr. Smith said it is a misconception that may come from a lack of know how with pet owners.

“Often times there are people who have fed their dogs occasional things like bread and so forth and they’ve gotten away with it,” he said. “The dog hasn’t gotten sick.”

Doctors said there is a simple solution for this problem.

“Get your treats that you normally give your dog. Maybe set them on the table with you while you’re eating,” Dr. Smith said. “If you want to give them something and it’s okay to give them a treat of what they normally get while you’re eating.”

However, Dr. Smith said never feed them something that is not in their normal diet.

“Because their nutritional requirements are very different from us,” he said. “A lot of our dogs, particularly purebreds, small breed dogs just cannot tolerate the things that we eat very well.”

He adds that feeding your pets leftovers from Thanksgiving can possibly make them deathly ill.

“This is a recurring problem that happens every single year. We really need to wake up and be very careful what we feed our pets,” Dr. Smith said. “Understand that they do not eat the same things that we do.”

Dr. Smith said he sees about six or seven ill dogs each year after Thanksgiving.

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