Custom 3D toy printing business gaining success

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Published: Nov. 2, 2021 at 1:21 PM EDT
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(WYMT) - A custom toy-making business recently started gaining attention.

Bobaluga Studios, a 3D toy printing store, was inspired by a passion for collecting vintage action figures, said the owners.

Blake and Chelsie Bundy are the owners and founders of the business. Blake said the idea came while he was looking for an action figure but found it difficult.

According to Blake and Chelsie, when COVID-19 hit, their jobs were not as demanding as usual, so they had time to devote to making the business a reality. Blake added the end goal for them is to make the business a full-time job.

Chelsie handles the business side of operations, while Blake handles creative design.

Blake said he models the products virtually. Once he has a finished project, he takes the file from the computer and plugs it into the 3D printer. From there, the printer makes a physical product from the digital file.

Blake said he feels like most of the successful people or things to come out of Eastern Kentucky are country music stars or basketball players, so having a business like Bobaluga Studios become successful feels special.

“The correlation is just being a bootleg toymaker and the correlation with Kentucky and bootlegging just resonates so well that this was a perfect match for us,” he said. “Being able to do something like this and show people hey I came from Eastern Kentucky in the mountains, I’m working with some of the most advanced technologies, printing things, just cutting edge stuff, it really warms our hearts and is a sense of pride.”

Blake and Chelsie said they take orders through their social media and their website.

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