Hazard High School’s homecoming event goes viral after ‘man pageant’ pictures posted online

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Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 12:53 PM EDT
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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - A recent assembly held by Hazard High School during its homecoming week has been gaining a lot of attention after pictures of the event were posted on Facebook.

The post, originally shared on the Hazard High School Athletics page, has since been deleted, but many of the pictures are still circulating online.

The event was called the “Man Pageant” according to a homecoming week schedule shared on the Hazard High School Facebook page.

Several pictures show students dressed in women’s underwear, dancing on and near school officials.

Other parts of the assembly reportedly also included students paddling each other and some other students dressing up as Hooters restaurant employees.

We reached out to the school for a statement and the Superintendent said the incident is under investigation and the appropriate actions will be taken after the investigation is done.

School Superintendent, Sondra Combs, gave WYMT Mountain News a statement. You can read it below:

One of the students involved in the assembly, senior Legend Goins, told our sister station WKYT “It wasn’t meant to be anything sexual. It was just a joke so we could get more laughs so we could win.”

“I think that everyone’s taking it way too far,” said John Mackslover, senior. “Every year up to this year, I would say they’re just as vulgar, as you would put it.”

“Happy is one of the best people there are. He would do anything to help anybody,” said Hollie Layne, mother of one of the students pictured.

Governor Andy Beshear commented on the situation in his Team Kentucky update on Thursday. You can watch the video of his comments below.

We will update this story as we get more information.

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