More work to be done after community members help to clean Carlisle waterways

Published: Oct. 23, 2021 at 12:31 PM EDT
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CARLISLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Months after historic flooding in Carlisle, Bluegrass Greensource is helping the community clean up its waterways. Volunteers came out to the Brushy Fork to help remove debris that could cause future flooding events.

Scrap metal, wooden crates, and wrappers, signs of debris from the historic flooding in Carlisle, are still present in the streams. It’s a reminder that the town is still picking up the pieces.

“It feels good, I mean, I’ve seen, and I’ve been looking at this all over here because I live right over there. I can see all of the debris in the creeks and stuff, and it looks, it just looks awful, and I just wanted to help,” said volunteer Carla Waggoner.

For Waggoner, she can recall the flood event like it was yesterday, something she will never forget.

“I live on a bank right on up besides family dollar, and it came over the bank, and there is a rock wall behind my house, and it came over it like a small river, came in through the back door, the kitchen,” said Waggoner.

The community is still healing from the aftermath of the floods and earlier today held a meeting to try and combat future situations along with helping those in need.

“Creating a committee for the long-term recovery and actually help those that have been impacted by the floods, to help rebuild and actually be able to maybe volunteer or still continue to donate to help them build back their lives,” said Rhonda Currankoth, VP of the chamber of commerce of Carlisle-Nicholas County.

Community members are just happy to see a big turnout to help clean up the city.

“it’s awesome, I’m thankful that we are given this opportunity and to see so many people, and I’m from Carlisle, and there are several that I don’t even know that are here, and that means a lot,” said Currankoth.

Organizers say that they will have to hold another cleanup event in town because of the amount of debris found. More importantly, they want to make sure people are still aware that Carlisle needs help.

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