‘Thursdays on the Triangle’ adds fall twist in downtown Hazard

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Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 9:52 PM EDT
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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - A day full of fall festivity and family activities got underway in downtown Hazard on Thursday.

“It’s bringing a community together,” Appalachian Arts Alliance Executive Director Tim Deaton said. “We’re outdoors where it’s safer and people feel more safe with being outdoors but just being together and being able to celebrate the season.”

“Thursdays on the Triangle” was originally scheduled for the summer, but officials were forced to reschedule for Thursday due to COVID-19 and extreme heat.

“We decided to bring one back for the fall,” Deaton said. “We are celebrating fall even though it feels like summer but we’re here with all kinds of fall stuff and the farmer’s market is set up as well.”

The event brought vendors, artists, musical talent, and community members together and even featured a chili cookoff.

“I think it’s a flash of normalcy,” Appalachian Arts Alliance Director of Operations Luke Combs said. “It’s in the back of everybody’s minds but we’re spaced out, it’s open-air, most everybody’s vaccinated at this point.”

Combs felt that this gave people the chance to interact with their neighbors once again.

“We’re far away from actually being back to normal but little flashes of normalcy are probably what we have to settle for at this point,” Combs said.

As they hope to highlight togetherness as the leaves begin to change colors.

“Bringing people together, having good food, good music and having local vendors here selling things,” Deaton said. “It’s just a great time for everyone to be together and having an event to celebrate that is important.”

Deaton and Combs both foresee this being the final Thursdays on the Triangle for 2021, but have reservations about hosting one more in the near future.

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