COVID-19 numbers going down in Kentucky; Health officials still encourage caution

Published: Oct. 8, 2021 at 2:37 PM EDT
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) - Governor Andy Beshear announced in Thursday’s Team Kentucky update that COVID-19 numbers are going down across the board.

However, he added that now is no time to stop being cautious. The governor, while hoping the decline will continue, said there is concern that numbers could plateau and leave hospitals in a difficult spot.

Beshear encouraged people to continue wearing masks, social distance, and monitor for symptoms.

Public health directors in Eastern Kentucky are echoing his message.

”The week of Labor day, the first week of September, we had over 1,200 cases in our seven county district,” said Scott Lockard, the Public Health Director for the Kentucky River Health District. “This past week we had over 500 cases, so we’ve seen a really large decrease in cases.”

In Clay County, the Cumberland Valley Public Health Director, Christie Green, saw similar trends.

“We tend to see a pretty quick decline in case numbers, but then somewhat of a plateau that is higher than we were as far as cases go back earlier in the summer,” said Green.

She added that she is happy to see vaccination numbers going up and thanked the people trying to help put an end to the pandemic.

Lockard is optimistic that vaccination rates and natural immunity may signal the end of the Delta variant surge.

”We’re very hopeful that the Delta variant has really ran its course in our district,” said Lockard. “We’re going to continue to see these decreases and get back to a level that’s much more manageable.”

These officials do not want people to be cautious. Wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding large, indoor gatherings are all still important.

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