Save the Children and Volunteers of America celebrate opening of children’s library at The Freedom House

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 11:12 AM EDT
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CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Volunteers of America (VOA) Freedom House is a space for moms and moms to be to receive help.

“One thing that stands out about our program is that the ladies are able to bring their children with them to treatment so really focus on you know trying to break that generational curse,” said Director of Rural Addiction Services in Southeastern Kentucky with VOA Stephanie Hoskins.

President of the Kentucky State Senate Robert Stivers came up with the idea to bring VOA and Save the Children together to introduce something new.

“I’m going to say about a year and half ago I introduced the two groups together and they’ve been working together since then and hopefully they’ll continue to expand on their services and collaborations,” he said.

The new idea is a children’s library.

“Reading skills are very critical to a child and getting a child starting to read at level and familiarize with the alphabet and phonetics is critical to them being ready when they go into kindergarten, pre K, first grade,” he said.

Hoskins said the library serves as an opportunity to not only improve literacy in the area but also strengthen a mom and child’s relationship.

“We have watched some of these moms and kids come in and have a really bad relationship and not necessarily…It’s all because of the substance use, you know there was never discipline or responsibility. Watching them heal together is such an amazing thing to witness,” she said.

The library serves as another way to help combat addiction.

“This work is so important because we want to end this cycle,” said State Director for Save the Children Alissa Taylor. So we want to end the cycle of addiction. “We want children to be ready when they start school and we want to see change across the community.”

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