BGPD aims to continue diversifying the department as recruitment process begins

BGPD recruitment
BGPD recruitment(Ana Medina)
Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 5:31 AM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - If you’re looking for a job and considering the field of law enforcement, then the Bowling Green Police Department might be the place for you. After celebrating the graduation of class 2 of the Bowling Green Law Enforcement Academy, it is time again to begin the recruitment process for the department.

Elisha Perea is a patrol officer with the Bowling Green Police Department, and says “if you’re going to apply now, now would be the time.”

The Bowling Green Police Department is currently in the recruitment process for new officers, and with the academy right here in Vette City, one may be wondering, what are some of the benefits that one as a police officer can take advantage of while also serving and protecting the community?

Rhyan Tallent is on patrol with the department and says, “so some of the positive benefits of the job is the benefits package with insurance, its pretty cheap, especially for family or individually. We have really good shift hours, eight hour shifts, 10 hour shifts, if you like that, where you can have three days off if you work the tens, of course you can have a take home cruiser if you live within a certain range.”

Abigail Jones graduated from the Bowling Green Law Enforcement Academy and is currently a patrol officer, she adds “I loved it. Because I could go home every night, I could make my lunches for the day. And it was basically just like going to work rather than going to school. So I really liked it.”

With the academy being right here in Bowling Green the lessons can be more beneficial to the department.

Sgt. Jared Merriss is an instructor at the academy and is also in the Criminal Investigations Division, “I like the fact that we can kind of cater the, the classes and kind of show our recruits how we do things here, you know, the Academy in Richmond has great instructors, it’s a great Academy, but they have to stay pretty broad because they have so many different agencies that are in each class, but with our academy, we can kind of cater to us.”

“It was pretty cool because I was actually in the first academy class. So there was a lot of trial and error that happened with my class. But we got to have a lot of perks that the people who go to Richmond don’t get,” says Jones.

For some, going down the path of becoming a police officer was not the first choice.

“I’ve always been someone that has liked helping people. I didn’t start off exactly going this pathway but then I branched off of what I was originally doing and saw this opportunity and it paired pretty well with what I originally wanted to do. And once I began working, it just clicked,” adds Tallent.

“I started in 2018 as a cadet, which is you aren’t a police officer, but you just help out in any way possible. Basically, you do several things,” says Elisha Perea.

Those in the department send a message to those interested in joining the police force.

“Just do it and like if you decide that it’s not for you, there’s no shame and dropping out or finding something else that you want to do. But it’s really a good opportunity for a lot of people to kind of figure out what you want.” -- Abigail Jones

“If you don’t know what you want to do, it’s not a bad thing to apply. I was not super sure that this is what I wanted to do whenever I applied. And I’ve come to love the job. There are people that you genuinely do help and it’s probably one of the best feelings you ever get,” adds Perea.

Erin Hulsey is the director of The Department of Human Resources and Risk Management, she says, “pick up the phone and call the human resources department. Call the police department, because we have people that would love to talk to you and see if your goals and your ambitions line up with a career with the Bowling Green Police Department.”

Hulsey also adds they are hoping to continue expanding on diversifying the department.

“One thing that we’re really proud of with the city of Bowling Green, and especially the Bowling Green Police Department is our diverse workforce and we are looking to continue to enhance that and to bring more people from all walks of life. So there is no typical Police Officer here at the Bowling Green Police Department. We have men and we have women we have different ages and different ethnicities and races and that’s what makes us a really good police department who can help serve the community,” added Husley.

The application to become a police officer is online, the deadline to submit the application and testing registration is Friday October 29 2021.

To apply to become a police officer, click here.

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