Health leaders continue push for vaccinations as COVID-19 cases continue to increase

Published: Sep. 6, 2021 at 9:03 PM EDT
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(WYMT) - As COVID-19 cases in Kentucky increase, public health leaders continue to educate those that are doubtful of the available vaccines.

“We have to remember as we look back in history there were skeptics when the smallpox vaccine was developed, there were skeptics when the polio vaccine was developed but we look back now and we take those things for granted,” Kentucky River District Public Health Director Scott Lockard said.

As case numbers worsen, health officials feel obligated to speak about the situation.

“We’re not quite seeing that yet,” Cumberland Valley District Public Health Director Christie Green said. “And we also know that our death numbers are going up as well as our hospitalization and ICU numbers are continuing to increase somewhat exponentially.”

As of Sept. 4, no county in Eastern Kentucky has a vaccination rate of above 45 percent. Perry County comes out on top with more than 12 thousand people fully vaccinated.

“If a person’s had COVID, they still need to get vaccinated,” Lockard said. “And I can speak on personal experience from this. I’ve had COVID and I have been vaccinated as well and I would recommend everyone to do so.”

Lockard said that the vaccine is merely a way to protect yourself and others.

“Getting vaccinated is the most effective thing to do,” Lockard said. “So we need to watch out for our friends, neighbors and families and take those precautions.”

For a detailed map of COVID-19 incidence rate in your county, click here.

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