Being a new teacher during a pandemic: Knox County Native shares her story

Published: Aug. 24, 2021 at 4:52 PM EDT
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KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - One Knox County Native’s lifelong dream to become a teacher has come true.

“I wanted to be a teacher since I was little kid,” said Fourth Grade Science Teacher Sydney Jordan.” My third grade teacher she was really an inspiration to me and that was the best teacher I ever had and I knew from that point that I wanted to be a teacher because she made such a impact in my life.”

Jordan is a new teacher at Lynn Camp Elementary, but she is also a 2021 college graduate from Eastern Kentucky University. The start of her career is unique as the COVID-19 pandemic presents challenges.

“They have not been trained...none of us have been trained on how to really teach in a pandemic and bring those students alive through activities when you also have to social distance,” said Frank Shelton, Public Relations Director at Knox County.

Despite the uncertainty, Jordan said she is constantly getting creative in the classroom.

“I just did an activity where they could space out six feet in the room and they were like a food chain so they held up cards and they were like plants and meat eaters and the sun and they were able to go around and give each other energy,” she said. “I used these little popsicle sticks and these were the energy sticks, I was Miss Frizzle and I just dressed as her and I transported them to make them fill like they’re in a field trip where they were like a food chain. So I just try to do stuff that gets them up and moving and try to have fun with it.”

Today’s current climate does not discourage Jordan, as she would not trade her job for the world.

“There’s been so many times that peoples like are you sure this what you want to do, it’s changing so much,” she said. “This is a difficult job and so I just know that God will provide and this is what I’m meant to do and I’ve never been more happier in my life.”

She also feels blessed to teach today’s youth and tomorrow’s generation.

“They mean the world to me,” said Jordan. “I literally come in every morning and they mean happiness to me. Honestly, I come in and if I’m having a bad day morning or a bad day and I see one of their faces, it’s better.”

Classes at Lynn Camp Elementary started on August 11th. Jordan said while she has only worked at the school for the past two weeks, she is having a blast.

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