Logan County native talks directing upcoming film set to premiere in September

Logan County Native Talks Directing Upcoming Film Set to Premiere in September
Published: Aug. 15, 2021 at 2:40 AM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Next month, one Logan County native will debut his film at the Knoxville Film Festival.

WBKO News spoke with the director of the film ‘A Place Called Home’, Kiel Thorlton who spoke on shooting most of the film in his hometown of Logan County.

“I grew up in Auburn. I grew up in that area, and while I was like, in middle school, I figured out that I wanted to make movies like that was kind of the idea. I wanted to be in the arts of some kind,” says Kiel Thorlton the director of the movie.

Thorlton shared a little bit of what the movie is about.

“It’s a love story between a father and his two daughters, so the whole setup of the movie is, he has a seven-year-old little girl and his wife dies in childbirth, and he’s stuck with another small baby. He was never the parent, you know, he was the backseat parent, he was the backseat fan. He was the one that just went to work all the time, brought some money, and let the mom kind of handle everything. So now he’s got to figure out how to not only provide for his children, physically, and you know, with money, but also emotionally and you got to be able to navigate grief and loss and things like that for children,” adds Thorlton.

His passion for making movies is one he has had since being in middle school, and now he is seeing the fruits of his labor come to fruition.

“It’s been interesting to like, see that passion kind of come through, because making movies is really hard, and getting people to watch them is like, 90 times as hard as even making them. So I mean, it’s been a long road to get kinda to that point. But I mean, it made a big difference. I wrote the script for a good two, two, and a half years, and went through a lot of changes, and manipulations. But at the end of the day, I wanted to tell something that I knew in an area that I knew and portray a perspective that I don’t think we see a lot in film.” -- Kiel Thorlton.

He also spoke on shooting scenes in his hometown, “filming in Logan County, it was funny, we actually have been really, really quiet about it and we had to be because we knew that if anyone in our town found out, everyone would be there. We were able to film in Auburn, elementary and middle school, which is where I found my love of film. So it’s cool to see the place that I said, I want to make movies in my first feature film.”

And also sends a message to those wanting to follow his footsteps, “because I grew up in rural Kentucky, I want to make more movies in Kentucky. Look at everything as an opportunity. You know, you never know where something might go. It’s gonna take a lot of hard work, but it’s possible, I mean, I’m proof that it’s possible.”

‘A Place Called Home’ will premiere in Knoxville next month.

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