New study shows updated numbers for breakthrough cases in Lexington

Published: Aug. 3, 2021 at 5:25 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington is seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases. But what’s concerning is they’re in fully vaccinated people, which are considered “breakthrough” cases.

A study shows those account for about a third of the city’s new cases.

According to the Fayette County Health Department, nearly 30% of COVID cases last month were found in fully vaccinated people. But this is no surprise to Kevin Hall.

“As more people get vaccinated, we just have a larger pool of people who can be considered a breakthrough case,” Hall said.

Hall emphasized that although the delta variant is causing breakthroughs, those who are vaccinated are still much more protected from the virus.

“No one has ever said that the vaccine would guarantee you wouldn’t get COVID-19. No vaccine can do that. But what we have said is that it gives the best protection from COVID and it prevents you from getting very sick from it,” Hall said.

Dr. Ryan Stanton says people shouldn’t see this data as an excuse to not get the vaccine.

“It’s the argument of saying ‘I’m not gonna wear my seatbelt because I can still die’ or ‘I can still get injured with my seatbelt,’” Dr. Ryan Stanton said.

And as vaccine hesitancy continues, these medical experts predict a difficult month ahead with the number trending upwards.

“The entire month of June, we had 287 COVID-19 cases. Since Friday, we had 360 here in Lexington. This is going in the wrong direction. August is shaping up to be back to where this was with the numbers skyrocketing,” Hall said.

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