Many businesses, restaurants updating their mask policies

Many businesses, restaurants updating their mask policies
Published: Aug. 3, 2021 at 5:49 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Workers at the Toyota Plant will be required to wear masks again.

Toyota is just the latest company to announce new mask requirements. More companies are now backtracking to have employees wear masks, and some businesses are also requiring customers to cover up.

WKYT talked with customers Tuesday afternoon who said they were fine with masking back up in response to rising numbers. But there were a few who said they didn’t really see the point since they’d already been vaccinated.

“I’m loving it because I don’t think we are taking the COVID thing seriously. And I have not stopped wearing my mask. My family has it so I’m glad to see people wearing their masks,” shopper Jewell Brady said.

“I’m not saying I’m not worried about it, but I think we need to use all precautions because the virus is real. It’s out there and it’s pretty obvious,” shopper Sam Leeper said.

Target, Walmart and Home Depot have all said they will require their employees to wear masks if they work in a high transmission area. They are also encouraging customers in those areas to wear them. According to the CDC’s latest COVID map, that’s most of the state.

Kroger requires them for employees who are not vaccinated or who work in in-store pharmacies and clinics.

Customers said Tuesday they were seeing more masks.

“I feel very comfortable. Again it’s 50/50, I see a lot of different groups of people having masks,” shopper Allen Baker said.

Health officials are still encouraging people to get vaccinated. Some shoppers said they didn’t see the need for everyone to mask back up because of the vaccines.

“If they’re vaccinated they shouldn’t have to because if they did the research on vaccination it should work against it. Just like with the flu vaccine,” shopper Brandon Curran said.

Research shows vaccinated people who get COVID are far less likely to get severely ill, but could still spread the virus to others.

Home Depot will also require their contractors and vendors to wear masks whenever they go into a customer’s home or another business.

McDonald’s is also asking customers in high-risk areas to wear masks, as well.

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