Gov. Beshear tours flood damage in Nicholas County, announces FEMA will be on site this week

Published: Aug. 3, 2021 at 3:43 PM EDT
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NICHOLAS COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Families in Nicholas County face a long road to rebuild after devastating flooding. Governor Beshear toured the damage Tuesday and met with families.

More than 100 homes and at least 30 businesses were damaged or destroyed. And many families say their insurance isn’t covering the damage.

The scope of the damage is still hard for Marty Day to process.

“I have no words. We don’t even have a vehicle to drive. We don’t have a house,” Day said.

We first met Day on Friday just hours after flash flooding swamped the small town of Carlisle.

His home has since been condemned. Everything inside was ruined.

“My foundation has shifted, the block underneath the house has fallen,” Day said. “If you go on this end, you can just about see the house leaning forward.”

He says a call to his insurance was not helpful. He was told they won’t cover the costs but a $500 food voucher.

“The most concern around here is why aren’t the insurance companies paying. We’re not in a flood zone. The flood zone is 40 yards back on the other side of the railroad tracks. And we have nothing,” Day said.

Demanding answers and pleading for help, Day and many other neighbors came to see Governor Beshear after he toured the damage, voicing frustrations that they aren’t getting help from insurance.

“That’s why you buy insurance. And they need to be there in your time of need, and they told you no. That’s really wrong. That’s really wrong,” Gov. Beshear said.

Beshear says he plans to be aggressive with getting max approval and aid from FEMA to help the families and businesses. Afterwards, he talked one-on-one with Day and his wife, but Day still isn’t sure they will get what they need.

“To feel better I cannot say I do, until we get some kind of closure,” Day said.

In the meantime, it’s a devastatingly painful list of “what ifs” that dozens of families are having to face.

“It’s a waiting game. That’s all it is, a waiting game,” Day said.

The governor says FEMA will be in the area on Thursday. The National Guard is there helping now.

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