‘I hope it will provoke discussion’: Former Kentucky Reporter returns to Hazard to discusses new book

Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 10:46 PM EDT
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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Tuesday granted former Louisville Courier-Journal reporter Alan Maimon a chance to walk down memory lane.

“The opportunity to revisit the people, the places, the issues that I covered every day for five years made me want to write this book,” Maimon said.

Maimon served as the Eastern Kentucky bureau reporter from 2000 until it shut down in 2005, visiting the ArtStation to discuss his new book, “Twilight in Hazard.”

“I’ve been gratified by the great feedback I’ve gotten from a lot of people in the region,” Maimon said. “Of course there’s going to be certain sensitivities when it comes to somebody who is not from the area writing about the area.”

Mandi Sheffel with the Read Spotted Newt was the one who invited Maimon to speak despite giving a harsh review of the book herself.

“I appreciate him coming here and being open to possibly being in the firing line,” Sheffel said. “I really appreciate it.”

Sheffel said that she feels that this is the right time to address the issues Maimon covered in the book.

“This is the perfect setting for a discussion,” Sheffel said. “And these are discussions that we need to have for this community to grow and Appalachia to thrive, these are the kind of questions that we need to have.”

People from all over attended, asking questions and voicing their opinions.

“A good book opens up conversation and if everybody said this book is great and there’s nothing more to say about it, then I would be frankly disappointed,” Maimon said. “I like the fact that some people are challenging some things in the book and having the kinds of conversations that I hope the book would provoke.”

Those interested in purchasing a copy of the book can do so on Maimon’s website.

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