‘It’s a part of Hazard’ : Mother Goose set to take flight over Hazard again

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Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 3:11 PM EDT
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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The iconic Mother Goose is set to be placed back onto the Mother Goose House later this summer.

”It’s amazing, now that he’s got it back together, it’s took a whole new life again,” said owner Alice McIntosh.

Keith Miller at Keith Miller Construction is making that new life a reality. The goose came crashing down in March after age and weather caused wooden beams to decay.

“Structure on the inside of the roof, in the attic, to sit this on, sit the goose on,” added McIntosh.

The goose was built using Chestnut wood more than 80 years ago, now they are using plywood and filling cracks in with sealant so it will not leak.

”Ice guard on top of that, and then shingles on top of that,” added McIntosh. “He’s guaranteed it not to leak again or move, so for 80 years I can take that.”

Before it fell, the Mother Goose had blue lights for eye, now she her eyes will return to the original color.

”They’re going to be orange just like when George had them the first time,” she added. “When he did the railroad lights, so we found those on eBay.”

McIntosh added donations from the community helped in the reconstruction.

”We’ve always had people stop and taking pictures, and I want them to do that again,” she added. “It’s a part of Hazard, a big part of Hazard.”

The goose is set to be back sometime at the beginning of August.

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