Colonel Sanders gifts residents at Barren River Adult Daycare with free chicken, smiles

Published: Jul. 8, 2021 at 3:33 PM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Residents at the Barren River Adult Daycare were given a unique gift on Thursday--they were greeted by Kentucky Fried Chicken’s most famous mascot, Colonel Sanders!

Robert Buehl is a City Council Member for the city of Smiths Grove, he’s also a member of the Kentucky Colonels. Buehl told WBKO News that he loves to dress up as Colonel Sanders and hopes to one day be able to impersonate the legend full-time.

“My son invited me to go to Nashville to an anime convention. He said, Dad, you want to go and I said, Sure. I don’t have a costume. I had lost a bunch of weight that year. And I had a jacket that wrapped around, I said, I think I’ll go as Colonel Sanders. And it was a hit. And everyone loved it,” said Buehl

Buehl says visiting residents at the Adult Day Care was something he felt compelled to do, as a leader and also a Christian, and says he didn’t want any money for his services.

“When I got the call, they told me to come. And I said, Sure, she asked me how much, ‘I said, I don’t charge for this. I come because I can. I enjoy it. I am a Kentucky Colonel. It’s an honor to be a Kentucky Colonel.’ So as a goodwill ambassador, this is something I need to get out and do--as a civic leader in Smiths Grove. I should get out and do things for that. I’ve done it for some of our local businesses out there doing appearances. And just as a good Christian, that’s what I need to do, come out and share time with people,” said Buehl.

“The colonel is not only a corporate icon, but he’s a cultural icon--he’s just a Kentucky legend. So people just enjoy it and you always get great reactions,” said Buehl.

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