Little Flower Clinic’s mobile clinic vaccinating, providing care to every corner of Perry County

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Published: Jul. 7, 2021 at 5:10 PM EDT
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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - If you live in Perry County, you may have seen Little Flower Clinic’s mobile clinic in your neighborhood.

It may look like a work van with designs and lettering on the outside, but on the inside it is providing possibly life saving COVID-19 vaccines.

“I never imagined that I would be able to have a mobile clinic, a vaccine clinic,” said CEO Ellen Napier. “We set up every time, and we have vaccines readily available on the mobile unit.”

Gia Passmore from the Dwarf Community is one of many who received their one dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine from the mobile clinic. “I was skeptical about it at the beginning, but then the staff was really friendly and explained everything so that helped,” she said.

Napier said some people are skeptical of the clinic, she added it is a hurdle they face when trying to give out vaccines. “We’ve seen a lot of patients that are afraid, let’s face it, there is more negative information out there than positives.”

Patients like Passmore said they were skeptical, but were ready to get the shot. “It was convenient, it was just the right place at the right time,” Passmore said.

The clinic reaches the most isolated places in Perry County.

This saves patients trips into town by rolling up into their communities or right to the front door.

”Serves its purpose and that is to reach those that are in the highways and the hedges,” said Napier. “They have no way of coming into the town or clinic.”

Transportation is also a barrier, adding some people do not have gas money, or they have cars that are broken down. All barriers Napier was happy to help break, “Absolutely I jumped on the chance to be able to vaccinate anyone who wants it.”

The clinic also vaccinates the homeless population in the county.

“I wanna take care of the people that live in under the bridge, I wanna take care of the ones that no one else wants,” she said.

The mobile clinic will be going Tuesday through Friday beginning August 1st.

You can see the mobile vaccine schedule here or call (606) 487-9505.

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