Increase in cosmetic procedures just before summer time

Increase in cosmetic procedures after the pandemic and before the summer
Updated: Jun. 8, 2021 at 9:54 PM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - It is no surprise we are always doing things to try to look better from cosmetic procedures to have a more active lifestyle.

It is no longer frowned upon to have botox or lip fillers.

WBKO News Bluegrass Aesthetics about some of the procedures they’ve seen an increase of just before summertime.

Cindy Korba says, “recently we’ve seen with the summer coming, everybody wants to look good.

She adds, “we’re seeing more of CoolSculpting we’re saying we have a new technology Opus Plasma, which is helping with tightening, tightening the skin, and it’s been exciting, because not only are we seeing this success with the face, but also the neck, we’ve even done several abdomens, and is tightening out an abdomen. I’m really thrilled to have the obvious plasma where it’s is technical, skin resurfacing, and collagen rebuilding vote, it really does. It goes ahead and tightens skin and we’re talking skin all over, it gets rid of brown spots, it gets rid of wrinkles. It minimizes the pores it’s been really refreshing to be able to provide this for Bowling Green.”

Korba adds the pandemic made people more aware of the way they look especially when everything became virtual and most meetings were held through Zoom.

“I think people are much more aware. It’s like, Oh, my gosh, you know, why in the world? Are my eyes open like that? I hadn’t noticed that before,” adds Korba

She also says most of the time people come for a consultation, later on, they may get Botox and that becomes the entry that helps build a relationship with the client.

Korba also says, “if you haven’t been watching aesthetics or been involved in it, I mean, it is fast-paced and changing. It’s been exciting after 10 years, just to see all the new things that are out there five years ago, CoolSculpting Was it because you’re freezing fat? Now they’re gonna build muscle and get rid of fat too. And I just had a phone call today that said I’m really excited about the noninvasive things you offer. I said I have a treasure chest now with a lot more options because I just started out with doing the fillers and Botox 10 years ago.”

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