Tick threat in full swing in the Tri-State

Dealing with the area’s tiniest triple threat
Updated: May. 20, 2021 at 4:34 PM EDT
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GREENUP COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) - Kentucky deals with the tiniest triple threat: ticks. As temperatures warm up, peak tick season kicks off. If you’re not prepared, you can get sick.

“We’re the nexus of ticks right now. We see a lot of overlap between the major species like a blacklegged dear tick, the lone star tick and the American dog tick,” said Chris Crum, public health director of the Greenup County Health Department.

Some of these ticks carry Lyme disease, a disease that causes a meat allergy, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Greenup County has seen an upswing of Rocky Mountain spotted fever cases due to tick bites.

It’s impossible to avoid contact with ticks, but there a few ways to help prevent you from getting sick.

“To prevent tick bites from happening, wear long sleeves in the woods,” Crum said. “We can also treat ourselves with DEET.”

Crum says preventing tick bites starts before you leave for summer fun and even continues after you’re home.

“If you think you could have picked up a tick, take your clothes off and dry them for about 10 minutes. That will help get ticks off your clothing. It’s a way to prevent them from attaching,” Crum said.

If the tick has attached, grab a pair of tweezers and gently remove the head before clearing out the rest of the body. It is also important to remove the legs, too.

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