Youngkin considers campaign ahead, after winning GOP nomination for Governor

Updated: May. 11, 2021 at 8:21 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Glenn Youngkin says a strong ground game and support across the state helped him win the Republican nomination for Governor in Virginia.

And now he says he’s ready to lead the party to victory in November.

“I’m humbled. The outpouring of support during the convention was amazing,” Youngkin said Tuesday morning.

Youngkin took a victory lap in conversations with reporters across the state. He said his nomination is an opportunity for Virginia Republicans to reclaim statewide office after a drought of more than ten years.

“The Republican Party is ready to come together. And we’re tired of losing,” Youngkin told WDBJ7 in an interview. “And I think we recognize that the values that are underpinning our messaging are not just Republican values, but values that all Virginians share.”

Former President Donald Trump stayed out of the nomination fight, but was quick to endorse Youngkin in a statement Tuesday morning, describing him as “pro-business, pro-second amendment, pro-veterans, pro-America.”

Democrats made note of the endorsement as well, previewing what promises to be a central theme of their fall campaign.

“Glenn Youngkin is the epitome of a pro-Trump Republican, who has demonstrated complete allegiance to the former President’s most dangerous conspiracy theories,” said Virginia Democratic Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “Where Trump leads, Glenn follows.”

Virginia Tech professor and WDBJ7 Political Analyst Bob Denton said he expects a high profile fall campaign with national attention, lots of outside money and the former president as a major focus.

“I think it will be very intense from a national perspective, eyes on this particular race, and the question will still be, what is the Trump influence,” Denton said.

Youngkin held his first campaign event as the nominee Tuesday afternoon in Richmond.

For the next few weeks, he will work to rally the Republican base behind his campaign, while the five Democratic candidates continue to fight among themselves as they position themselves for the June 8th Democratic primary.

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