Panic buying fueling gas shortages in southern Kentucky

Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 3:21 PM EDT
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CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT) - Several gas stations in southern Kentucky have run out of gas or are low on supplies, mostly after people flocked to stations.

Most ran to the stations in the wake of supply shortage fears following problems with Colonial Pipeline distribution.

Local officials say the shortages are mostly due to people panicking.

Spur Oil in Corbin, just off the Cumberland Gap Parkway, is out of gas and workers there say they don’t know when a truck will arrives to help replenish supplies. It’s just one example of what happened when people flooded this station to fill up.

“We’re out all day,” said Spur Oil employee Paula Reece. “Not expected to get any that I know of.”

Only diesel fuel remains at some stations after a run on gas Tuesday. At the Circle K, there’s a sign indicating supply problems but officials say it’s mostly because of the fear leading to people arriving not only to fill their cars and trucks up, but gasoline jugs as well.

“You know there’s probably people that need to go to a doctor’s appointment, or get to go on their first vacation in a year,” said Corbin Mayor Suzie Razmus. “Or going to a job interview, and if they are like me, they run around on fumes all the time.”

Mayor Razmus said she has not been told of any major supply problems impacting the area. While some stations are out, other stations have gas and, in fact, have seen tanker trucks arrive to replenish supplies.

“I was a little disappointed to be honest with you,” Mayor Razmus added. “I really feel like as southerners we take care of each other. I was shocked there were people with containers and filling up with gas.”

Many stations in the Corbin area, however, receive their gasoline supplies from the Knoxville area, which could be impacted by the issue with the Colonial Pipeline.

Price in southern Kentucky have remain mostly stable, with most stations in the Corbin area were selling gas for about $2.50 per gallon.

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