‘Wonder Woman’ Eula Hall’s legacy of care to be continued at Floyd County clinic

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 6:48 PM EDT
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GRETHEL, Ky. (WYMT) - The Mud Creek community is taking time to remember a woman who took the helm, navigating healthcare in the region. Eula Hall made it her mission to bring an accessible, affordable option to the mountains, opening the Mud Creek Clinic in 1973.

“Eula as a person was this powerful force to be reckoned with,” said friend and co-worker April Herald. “Wonder Woman. Because that’s really what she was to a lot of people.”

Eula pioneered the region’s healthcare efforts with her clinic and was instrumental in bringing water to the area, all in the name of service to the community she loved. She even went as far as to open the clinic from her own home in 1983 when a fire tore through the original Mud Creek Clinic- an act that those who knew her say came as no surprise.

“’Cause most people don’t have anywhere to turn or nobody to ask. Or, if they did, would they do it? But, now, if she said she would? She would,” said friend and co-worker LouEllen Hall. “She just went the extra mile for everybody.” ”

Nearly 50 years later, the re-named Eula Hall Health Center stands in her honor and, as of this week, in her memory.

“There will never be another person that could ever try to fill those shoes,” said Herald. ”That’s another hardship that this clinic is gonna have to face and to battle. But one thing about Eula is, she persevered through everything. Floods. Fires. And she really sent that message down to us.”

Eula once told WYMT she hoped to work until the age of 100. She was not far from that goal, since she worked toward her vision until she died Saturday at 93, leaving behind the clinic she created and the region for which she championed.

But the people she impacted will continue to pursue her passion.

“You can’t quit because she’s gone. I mean, that would defeat her purpose for being here,” said Hall.

And her lessons will now fuel the clinic workers who come behind, making sure her work reaches far past that 100-year mark.

“We’ll keep her legend alive and we’ll take care of her patients just like she wanted us to,” said Herald.

Eula will make her final visit to the clinic as her funeral procession makes its way through the area Tuesday.

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