Barren County man on a mission to keep the bees safe

Barren County man on a mission to keep the bees safe
Updated: May. 8, 2021 at 11:29 PM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Bees are essential in our ecosystem, not just for their sweet honey-making skills but also for their pollination abilities.

Joe Taylor, better known as “Mojo” is on a mission to rescue and keep the bees safe.

“I’m there just to save the bees,” says Mojo.

On Saturday, Mojo and company worked on a cutout, removing a beehive in a home.

“I’m glad we got them out of there and I’m going to relocate them. Main thing is the bees, the bee’s safety. Today we evicted somewhere probably between 20,000 and 30,000 bees, and we took it out of the, I call it the bee house where bees have been in this house for at least 50 years plus,” adds Mojo.

He also spoke on the length and also the timeline of the beehive at that specific home.

“The bees on this wall were that we just took out and probably been in there for 20 years. But they started all the way up to the top of the ceiling up to the second floor and have worked their way down. I’ll take these bees and I’ll put them into another hive into an actual beehive.” -- Joe “Mojo” Taylor

Mojo adds, bee removing started as a hobby, but it has not become a lifelong passion.

“I’ve done three or four extractions, several swarms, I started doing Yellowjackets and Hornet removals, which is really, really crazy. Because I don’t use any spray, I do it all by hand.”

He also spoke on the term, “smoking the bees,” and says, “when you smoke the bees that triggers natural fire alarm instinct, and what the bee does is fill up on as much honey and nectar as it can because it has to fly away, you know to somewhere else, and when they do that, just like us after Thanksgiving, after you get a full belly, you get tired and wanna lay down take a nap, that’s the same thing. It makes them a little lethargic, they’re, they they’re less aggressive sometimes.”

Mojo also says if you see any bees in your home, “a lot of people they’ll see bees coming in and out, in and out of the house. First thing they do is go get a bat can a Black Flag or Raid or something. Please, please don’t, don’t do that and even if you don’t know if they’re honeybees or what, if you call an exterminator, they will come out they will tell you if it’s honey bees, and it’s not a law but exterminators will not exterminate honey bees because of the importance of them. Bees are so vital and important to everybody. I do a free bee removal. My object is to come in, remove the bees safely and relocate them.”

Mojo says he has been able to share his new passion with his grandson.

“We need to teach, you know, teach the youngers that you know about the bees because they’re the ones gonna have to carry on,” says Mojo.

If you’d like to contact Mojo for his free bee removal/rescue services, he says you can give him a call at (270) 404-6656.

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