Poll: Kentuckians want vaccine information from their own doctor

Published: May. 4, 2021 at 3:53 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Results from a new poll by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky show people want vaccine information from their own doctors.

Now, experts are urging us to use local resources to reach our vaccination goal.

Experts tell us the COVID-19 vaccine is safe, but words of encouragement might be coming from the wrong sources.

“If we can get down to the local level, if we can get to the level where people are talking to their providers, where they’re talking to their trusted sources of information locally, we have a chance to get a whole lot more people vaccinated,” says Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky CEO Ben Chandler.

Chandler says, according to a new poll from the organization, 95% percent of Kentuckians overall trust their physician or health care provider. On the contrary, the poll shows only 5% trust national officials.

The poll also looks at why people don’t want the shot. For many, there are still questions about how the shots were developed, what’s not yet known, and possible long-term effects.

Still, Chandler says the poll suggests people who are hesitant are open to changing their minds.

“That gives us great hope that those people will, once they talk to their providers will be much more likely to take the vaccine,” Chandler said.

“Patients trust their own physician better than they trust healthcare in general,” says Lexington Medical Society president James Borders.

Borders is urging physicians to act on this trust. He is asking that they speak to every patient they see, both educating them and encouraging them to get their doses.

“We do not live in a COVID-free world, you have to pick your risk. The risk of a vaccine side effect is minuscule compared to the undeniable risk of living in a world with COVID-19,” Borders said.

According to experts with the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, hesitancy is higher in rural areas of the state.

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