Congressman James Comer talks about Biden’s first 100 days and more

Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 2:46 PM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Congressman James Comer spoke with 13 News’ Brandon Jarrett on Wednesday, just hours before President Joe Biden is set to address congress.

Jarrett spoke with Representative Comer about a variety of topics--from unemployment issues, Washington’s Big Spending, D.C. Statehood, the Southern Border crisis and more.

Q: “We have a lot of open jobs in South Central Kentucky, there’s currently about 6000 open jobs. The issue that employers are having is unemployment is paying far too much and people are losing the incentive to want to work. Now, the argument, though, that a lot of people are saying on social media is that these jobs that are available are low paying, what would you say to that argument and the issue that we’re having now with unemployment?

Comer: “This unemployment issue is the perfect example of the disconnect that’s going on in Washington right now, every big employer in Kentucky is trying to find work. But yet, when you go to Washington, D.C., and you listen to the national liberal media, they talk about this huge unemployment crisis we have. The only reason there’s any measurable unemployment right now is because the federal government continues to pay people not to work. So the policies coming out of Washington are creating havoc for our employers in America right now. And I’m doing everything in my ability to try to reverse course on that, there are plenty of jobs available out there. They’re good paying jobs, supply and demand has created a scenario where we have wage inflation now, which is good for workers. So I just disagree with all the talk about the massive unemployment we have out there when we really have a major, major labor shortage.”

Q: “Looking at more national topics, Democrats are now proposing statehood for D.C. What are the implications of that? And how could that affect, say the Supreme Court?”

Comer: “It has a huge impact on every American if Washington D.C. becomes the 51st state, the whole purpose for the democrats pushing D.C. statehood is to create two new democratic U.S. senate seats. That will have an impact on the Supreme Court, because when they get to New Democratic Senate seats, then they can pass legislation to stack the Supreme Court. And when they stack the Supreme Court and have a majority in the U.S. Senate, then they can pass a liberal socialist agenda that will have a negative impact on every taxpayer in America. So it’s a big deal in Washington D.C., becoming the 51st state, I’ll lead the opposition on the House floor against the bill. I’m still doing everything in my ability to educate America on the damages that would happen if Washington D.C. became the 51st state. So hopefully the Senate will do the right thing and vote, D.C. statehood down.”

Q: “You recently went to the border and you looked at some of the building materials that are there. It looks as though some of construction on the border has since ceased and we’re also seeing lots of migration that’s coming from some of our southern territories. What can we do to remedy this issue?”

Comer: “The biggest crisis in America right now is what’s happening at the southern border. We have a border with virtually no border security right now. Joe Biden has sent a message to the world that you can cross over that border now and not face any consequences. He needs to immediately go to the border, have a press conference with Kamala Harris, who’s supposed to be in charge of the border and say enough is enough, this border is now secure. If you cross this border, you’re going to be deported. You’re not going to be allowed in the United States, we’re humanitarian we’re compassionate people in America, there are a lot of kids that are in caravans trying to get across that border--we need to help these kids but not let them set foot on American soil because when they set foot on American soil, they stay here forever. They become a part of the welfare system. And they get shipped to sanctuary cities all across the United States. That’s not the proper process, that’s not healthy. That’s not humanitarian. So there’s a lot that needs to be done that can be done just show an attention to the border with a press conference. Allowing the border wall to finish construction. I think that Joe Biden’s executive order halting construction of the border wall is illegal, because it was appropriated in a previous Congress signed by the previous president. And the border wall was working. That was one of the messages that I learned when I’ve talked to border patrol and local law enforcement in New Mexico and Texas a couple of weeks ago, that border wall worked--why in the world would you stop construction of the border wall, when it’s already been paid for? The materials are already there? And the contracts were already awarded?”

Q: “There’s lots of money that’s coming down from Washington right now, we obviously have had this pandemic that’s really affected a lot of Americans, the latest infrastructure plan and spending bill that Biden’s talking about, there’s also a counter proposal from the Republican side, maybe talk about a lot of this money that’s coming out and where we stand in the future?”

Comer: “It’s terrible, what’s coming out of Washington, D.C. from a state spending standpoint, this started honestly towards the end of the Trump administration and suddenly gotten worse, in the first 100 days of the Biden administration, the federal government’s printing money, and we’re seeing the result of that we’re seeing inflation, if you go to Home Depot or somewhere to try to buy some building materials, you see that the price is double. If you’re in the commodities market, you’re seeing that all the commodities are near doubling increases, and that’s going to hurt every American, that’s going to hurt the consumers, even though there’s money being printed in Washington, and you may get a stimulus check. And you’re going to pay more than that for your consumer goods, because of inflation. So I think the policy coming out of Washington, D.C. now is terrible. I think it’s having a negative impact on every American consumer, I fear that we’re only going to see more inflation. And the only way to combat more inflation is higher interest rates. So that’s not good for the American people, either the young people starting out trying to get a home mortgage, people who are trying to refinance a home or getting home equity loans, this is going to have a negative impact on everyone. So I’m just trying to do everything in my ability to try to get spending under control in Washington D.C.”

Q: “Could you maybe comment on taxing some of those wealthiest Americans? And then also, the proposal to beef up the IRS with $80 billion? What is that going to look like?”

Comer: “You know, anytime you talk about increasing taxes, you create market uncertainty. Many Americans have 401K’s or retirement accounts that have done very well over the past four years, and they’re pretty pleased with that. But when you start increasing taxes, that is always going to have a negative impact on the market, which has a negative impact on your retirement savings. I think that people should pay their fair share of taxes. And there are certainly many Americans that get out of paying their fair share of taxes. What I think the by demonstration should look at instead of raising the tax rate is looking at exemptions, looking at different tax credits that only the wealthiest Americans take advantage of and enjoying. And I think that’s a better system, to try to make sure that everyone pays their fair share, they just jacking up the tax rates, because the people that always pay the most whenever you increase the tax rate are those that own small businesses, those upper middle income Americans that are already paying a lot of taxes. So I disagree with the rhetoric, I think there’s a better way to ensure that wealthy Americans pay their fair share, but not by increasing the capital gains tax and not by increasing the top tax rate.”

Q: “Biden is set to have his 100th day in office on Thursday, he’s set to address Congress this evening. What do you expect him to say and give us a review of Biden’s first 100 days?”

Comer: “Well, the first 100 days has been a big disappointment for me. I like most Americans listen to his inauguration speech and was hopeful that he really was going to try to unite America, because I think we all agree we’re split down the middle. But what I’ve seen in the first 100 days is a very divisive agenda, an agenda that is 100% partisan. I have not seen the president reach out to any members of Congress to listen to their thoughts to listen to their ideas. It’s been Joe Biden’s way or the highway. He’s ruled by executive order, which is disappointing because he spent his career in the US Senate, you would have thought he would have had an appreciation for the legislative process and an appreciation for Congress, but instead, he’s passing executive orders like banning the house. During the construction of the border wall, which has had a terrible impact on border security, like he’s banned the construction of the Keystone pipeline, which has had a terrible impact on the price of energy in America. So I think he’s had some bad policy decisions that never would have passed Congress. So I hope that in the in the future, they will try to be more inclusive, try to be more of a partisan president, and hopefully try to have an agenda that’s more to the middle than the extreme far left for what we’ve seen so far”

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