Community mourns loss of woman killed in Logan County accident

Operated Paradise Island food pantry
Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 6:33 PM EDT
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LOGAN COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) – A community is mourning the loss of a woman hit and killed by a truck Wednesday on state Route 80 in the Man/Christian area.

Logan County officials describe Priscella Cline-Smith, 62, of Verner, as one of the most giving people in the county. Residents say her death has send shockwaves through the community.

“Priscella and I have been friends for probably 40 years, she was a very strong-willed, mountain woman who once she set her mind to do something, she didn’t stop until she got it done,” said Roger Bryant, director of Logan County emergency management services.

“I remember when she was trying to get public water to her community up there, she came to every single county commission meeting until they broke ground on that project,” Bryant continued.

Sheriff’s deputies in Logan County say Smith was outside of her home and food pantry organization, Paradise Island, when she was hit and killed.

“She called it, the ‘big day,’ one day a month, that was the ‘big day’ that she would give food to everyone that came and was in line,” said Audrey Smith, long-time friend of Cline.

Cline had a ‘big day’ or food distribution, planned for the day she passed away. Smith said Cline would give out boxes of food to anyone who needed one and sometimes included personal items if requested/needed. She also handed out senior boxes to all senior citizens that came to the pantry.

Friends and family of Cline say she would pray for every car that came into her food pantry line during her monthly distribution. They say Cline served over one-hundred thousand people over the last several years and it was more than just the people of Logan County.

“Everybody knows all the good work that she did and that sort of stuff but I’m not sure people realize the kind of impact she had culturally in the faith-based community,” Bryant told WSAZ. “Not just in Southern West Virginia, she had people from all over the United States that came to that campground for various activities they had there at Paradise Island.”

“I lost a friend but a lot of people lost a food supply because they come here and this was their food supply, this was their extra food for the month,” said Audrey Smith about her friend.

To honor her, the Hungry Lambs Food Initiative organization is going to distribute the food Cline had ready for Wednesday’s distribution on Friday. The distribution will be at the Logan County Resource Center (Old 84 Lumber) in Peach Creek beginning at 12 p.m..

Deputies say at this time, no charges are expected to be filed but the investigation is not over yet.

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