‘There’s a hole that will never be filled’: Family still looking for answers 12 years later in Perry County cold case

Jessica Haddix Mullins was found dead in a drainage pipe in Vicco
Published: Apr. 21, 2021 at 3:54 PM EDT
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BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - April 25 marks 12 years since Jessica Haddix Mullins went missing. One week after she disappeared, she was found in a drainage pipe in a strip mine in Perry County.

“If we had that closure, at least we would know and the not knowing is the hardest part,” said one of Mullins’s daughters, Kaitlin Lutes.

Mullins was last seen with her boyfriend April 25, 2009 when she dropped off her youngest child at his parents house. Mullins’s mother, Pattie Haddix says tensions were high between the families and she felt Mullins was in trouble.

“About six weeks before, his mother came to Jessica’s and tried to buy Andrew, that was the baby child and they got in a fight. They actually got in a fist fight over it in front of my house and I went out and separated them,” said Haddix.

Police found Mullins’s car at an abandoned strip mine in Georges Branch. They searched around her car, but did not find her. Mullins’s brother and friends continued the search and found her in a drainage pipe.

“The police did tell us they probably had to have at least three people put her where she was but we don’t know who,” said Lutes.

Mullins’s body had to be autopsied for identification.

“They called me and asked if they had any marks and I told them she had a blue butterfly tattoo in the center of her back and he said, ‘we have your daughter’ and I mean I just about hit the floor,” said Haddix.

Now, more than one decade later, Mullins is still just another cold case. Her cause of death has never been determined.

“There’s just a hole there that probably never be filled back in,” said Lutes. “If we had some closure I think our family would just feel so much better about the whole thing. It’s a horrible thing and it’s sad that she won’t even get to meet her grandkids or anything like that, but closure would really help our family out for sure.”

Mullins’s family just wants someone to come forward with answers, so they will know what happened and how she died.

“It was hard not knowing and knowing that someone would deliberately do that to one of your children,” said Haddix. “If I knew them answers I think that I would be able to find closure and let her go. Right now I can’t.”

Mullins’s son, Jacob Childers was just seven when his mom died, but he still remembers her and feels robbed of time.

“Every time I do something, like, something big, it’s just like for you. She’s not there behind me,” said Childers.

Police never ruled the case a murder.

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