People feel safe after first vaccine, not going to second appointment

Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 5:24 PM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - According to Med Center Health, there’s an issue with some people not showing up for their second COVID-19 vaccine.

Leaders at the Med Center say people are claiming they feel protected after their first shot.

“When they’ve been contacted, we’ve had several people say, ‘well, I just don’t think I need it because I now have efficacy at 80%.’ Well, that’s only doing part of it, it is really necessary to get both of those vaccines in order to have that full immunity,” said Melinda Joyce, Vice President of Corporate Support Services at Med Center Health.

While the first shot has some level of protection, it’s not nearly as strong as getting both the first shot and the booster.

Doctors say it is predicted that two weeks after the first dose, it’s only 80% effective against COVID-19 symptoms and death if one were to contract COVID-19. An individual is even more protected after getting the second Pfizer vaccine which is 96% effective.

“It is really necessary to get both of those vaccines in order to have that full immunity. And that full immunity is what is going to help us to make sure that we can get to herd immunity,” said Joyce. “But also help to decrease the spread of some of the variants that we’re seeing. So it is really important for everybody to come back and get that second dose.”

COVID-19 vaccinations can help cases to be milder and also decrease hospitalizations.

Med Center Health is now offering walk-in vaccine appointments at its campus.

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